Tattoos by Dia Moeller

To whom it may concern. It is springtime. It is late afternoon.

Them stormtroopers be artsy!!! Thank you Brandon I had so much fun with this!! ❤️❤️

Two pieces from last week. Jennifer made the trip from Baltimore to get this book and origami birds backpiece, and the lovely Odessa wanted some bilberries ❤️❤️❤️

graphite on bristol. i can’t come up with a name for her. 
Did this pretty rosehip illustration on the lovely Jean today 🌸❤️ thank you lady, you’re awesome!
"La Calavera" 
mechanical pencil on bristol 
"El Corazon" 
mechanical pencil on bristol
“It’s your obligation to share whatever you can spare, instantly and with no expectations: once the gift leaves your hand, it was never yours to begin with,”
She is my new favorite doll. I named her Chelsea. Mechanical pencil on Bristol.

Changes in scheduling

Hey Everyone, 

Thank you thank you thank you for keeping me so incredibly busy! I am so flattered and extremely grateful that so many of you are trusting me with your beautiful skin. 

As of right now I am booking into June and it became increasingly hard for me to keep up with not only appointments and actual tattooing, but also with future drawings. I will be closing my books for now and will re-open them in the beginning of March so I can play a little catch up. 

There is a waiting list set up in the shop (Boston Tattoo Company, Davis sq, Somerville, MA, 617-625-8282) that everyone is more than encouraged to get on (either call the shop or visit). I will need your name, number and a basic idea of the tattoo you’d like to get. I will go through it and call everyone in for an in person consultation in first come first serve order when I reopen my calendar. 

Thank you for understanding. I need to make sure that I can give everyone the best possible tattoo I can do and lately it seems like I need some more time to do that :)

Please do stay in touch,and hope to see everyone soon! 

Added the lettering and the knee skull to Glen’s leg sleeve yesterday. He definitely has some of my favorite pieces ❤️
So I finally added the leftover prints from the convention to my etsy shop just in time for Christmas!!!! No really take it off my hands and use it as creepy Christmas cards 👐 link to my etsy page is